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366 N.Broadway, STE. 410
Jericho, NY 11753

Company Name: Instant Office®
Contact Person: Mr. Jacob Hoffman
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Instant Office is a full service virtual Instant Office®. We represent your office or yourself with the following services, with regards to your receptionist needs, we can offer you your own dedicated phone number or you can forward your existing number to us. While answering the call in your business name our reliable professional  receptionists will connect the call directly to you (patching) or to your voicemail  simultaneously emailing that message. In addition we will check and email your voice messages. All of our services can accommodate answering your cell phone. 

Our prestigious Jericho building address is available for your company address. Upon request your mail can be read to you.This service includes handling DHL/UPS/and FedEx packages.This service can include scanning and emailing important time sensitive documents or letters. Faxing, Photocopying, and depositing your checks to your local bank, is also available.  

The Instant Office conference room with phone and Wi-Fi is available per day or per hour.

Your company name can appear on the building lobby directory and we can offer a 411 listing.

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Year Established: 1986
Address: 366 N.Broadway, STE. 410 Jericho, NY 11753
Phone Number: 516 - 935-2801
Mobile: 516-404-7496
FAX: 516-935-2011
Services From Instant Office®
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<p>Instant Office will provide a&nbsp;telephone number for your exclusive use or you may forward your own number to us.&nbsp;Our&nbsp;services&nbsp;include, while answering the call in&nbsp;your business&nbsp;name,&nbsp;our reliable professional&nbsp;&nbsp;receptionists&nbsp;will&nbsp;connect the call&nbsp;directly to you,&nbsp;while&nbsp;simultaneously emailing that&nbsp;message.&nbsp;</p> <p>These services will include answering your cell phone. The Instant Office cell phone program&nbsp;is designed to&nbsp;keep&nbsp;your cell phone, an effective business tool.</p>
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<p>Instant Office will provide your business with a&nbsp;mailbox and mail service. Our prestigious&nbsp;Jericho building address will be your business address. Our service&nbsp;includes,&nbsp;receiving and forwarding your mail, reading your mail to you upon request, scanning and emailing important documents, and accepting packages.</p> <p>Your business name can be placed on the building lobby&nbsp;directory.&nbsp;</p>
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<p>We rent our Meeting/Conference/Working Room:</p> <p>- Available Hourly or Daily</p> <p>- Full Secretarial and Clerical Services</p> <p>- Professional Reception Area</p> <p>- Fax and Copy Services</p> <p>- Word Processing and Laser Printing</p> <p>- Mail Merges, Reports, Presentations</p> <p>- Ample Parking</p>
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<p>INSTANT OFFICE&nbsp;is&nbsp;exactly what the name implies, an instant office.&nbsp;Imagine your business with a professional image. Imagine your clients respecting the professionalism&nbsp;of your&nbsp;business. A live&nbsp;immediate response to your clients needs is&nbsp;&nbsp;why a client remains a client, not just a customer. When your phone rings or when mail is received in your name your io assistant is working exclusively for&nbsp;you.You have a totally equipped&nbsp;office, at a&nbsp;fraction of the cost.</p> <p>Yes we can, yes we do.</p> <p>A virtual Instant Office is the future, and the future is now.&nbsp;</p> <p>INSTANT OFFICE -&nbsp;INSTANT SUCCESS&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>