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366 N.Broadway, STE. 410
Jericho, NY 11753

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INSTANT CONNECT is a private Networking system. A proprietary program  exclusively designed for instant office clients. We grow through sharing. 

  • Website Design 
  • Brand Design 
  • Logo Design 
  • Commercial or residential Roofing 
  • Construction 
  • Title insurance information 
  • Receive more Google traffic 
  • Moving or junk removal service 
  • All areas of law
  • Architect
  • Carpet and rug Cleaning 
  • Travel, flight booking
  • Intellectual property protection 
  • Professional Morgage Banker
  • Life insurance Broker 
  • Business credit card needs
  • All Nutrition needs, and supplements.
  • Mental health professional
  • Non profit company 
  • Financial services 
  • Accounting services 
  • Real Estate broker 
  • All around Handy Man
  • Crash fo gold company 
  • Collage planning, vision, education
Services From Instant Office®
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<p>Instant Office will provide a&nbsp;telephone number for your exclusive use or you may forward your own number to us.&nbsp;Our&nbsp;services&nbsp;include, while answering the call in&nbsp;your business&nbsp;name,&nbsp;our reliable professional&nbsp;&nbsp;receptionists&nbsp;will&nbsp;connect the call&nbsp;directly to you,&nbsp;while&nbsp;simultaneously emailing that&nbsp;message.&nbsp;</p> <p>These services will include answering your cell phone. The Instant Office cell phone program&nbsp;is designed to&nbsp;keep&nbsp;your cell phone, an effective business tool.</p>
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<p>Instant Office will provide your business with a&nbsp;mailbox and mail service. Our prestigious&nbsp;Jericho building address will be your business address. Our service&nbsp;includes,&nbsp;receiving and forwarding your mail, reading your mail to you upon request, scanning and emailing important documents, and accepting packages.</p> <p>Your business name can be placed on the building lobby&nbsp;directory.&nbsp;</p>
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<p>We rent our Meeting/Conference/Working Room:</p> <p>- Available Hourly or Daily</p> <p>- Full Secretarial and Clerical Services</p> <p>- Professional Reception Area</p> <p>- Fax and Copy Services</p> <p>- Word Processing and Laser Printing</p> <p>- Mail Merges, Reports, Presentations</p> <p>- Ample Parking</p>
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<p>INSTANT OFFICE&nbsp;is&nbsp;exactly what the name implies, an instant office.&nbsp;Imagine your business with a professional image. Imagine your clients respecting the professionalism&nbsp;of your&nbsp;business. A live&nbsp;immediate response to your clients needs is&nbsp;&nbsp;why a client remains a client, not just a customer. When your phone rings or when mail is received in your name your io assistant is working exclusively for&nbsp;you.You have a totally equipped&nbsp;office, at a&nbsp;fraction of the cost.</p> <p>Yes we can, yes we do.</p> <p>A virtual Instant Office is the future, and the future is now.&nbsp;</p> <p>INSTANT OFFICE -&nbsp;INSTANT SUCCESS&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>